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Short Armoured and water resistant Riding Gloves


Short Armoured and water resistant Riding Gloves

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Short Armoured and water resistant Riding Gloves


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  1. Armor Protection:
    • Reinforced knuckle armor: Provides impact protection to the knuckles in case of a fall or collision.
    • Additional finger armor: Guards against impacts on the fingers.
    • Palm protection: Reinforced palms to protect against abrasion and impact.
  2. Water-Resistant Construction:
    • Waterproof membrane: Utilizes advanced materials like Gore-Tex to keep water out while allowing breathability.
    • Sealed seams: Prevents water from seeping through the stitching.
    • Water-resistant outer shell: The outer layer is often treated or constructed with materials that repel water.
  3. Material Construction:
    • Durable outer shell: Made from high-quality materials such as leather, textile, or a combination for abrasion resistance.
    • Reinforced areas: Critical impact zones are reinforced with additional layers for extra protection.
  4. Closure System:
    • Adjustable closure: Typically includes a secure closure system like straps, Velcro, or a combination to ensure a snug fit and prevent water infiltration.
  5. Ventilation:
    • Breathable construction: Despite being water-resistant, the gloves may incorporate ventilation features to prevent hands from becoming too sweaty.
    • Perforations: Some models have perforations or mesh panels for improved airflow.
  6. Touchscreen Compatibility:
    • Touch-sensitive fingertips: Allows the use of smartphones or GPS devices without removing the gloves.
  7. Comfort Features:
    • Ergonomic design: Shaped to fit the natural contours of the hand, providing comfort during extended rides.
    • Pre-curved fingers: Mimics the natural curve of the fingers for improved dexterity.
  8. Reflective Elements:
    • Reflective details: Enhance visibility in low-light conditions for improved safety on the road.
  9. Size Range:
    • Available in various sizes: Ensures a proper fit for different hand sizes, maximizing comfort and protection.
  10. Style and Design:
    • Stylish design: Combines functionality with aesthetics, offering a range of styles to suit rider preferences.
    • Branding and color options: Various designs and color choices to match rider gear and preferences.


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